Wood pellets Advantages and how to

Advantages and Benefits of wood pellets-

Wood pellets are three times faster to muck out than other alternative beddings.

Wood pellets make a muck heap smaller as its such a fine bedding. This means you have to get it taken away less times than if you used more bulky beddings like straw.

Wood Pellets are much more of a pleasant smell. This means if you have a smelly horse it will be much more pleasant for you.

Wood Pellets expand up to 6x their original volume when water is added to it so this means one bag makes up quite alots of bedding. So storage is better because one bag of pellets makes up to a much bigger bed.

Wood Pellets soak up to 380% of their original size which makes a very adsorbent bedding. So if you wish to put down whole pellets under a puffed up bed it will soak up a-lot of moisture if you have a wet horse.

Wood Pellets have any pathogens killed off in its manufacturing process which mean this bedding is a much more sterile bedding for your animal.

Wood Pellets are eco friendly.

Wood pellets compost quicker than any other bedding.

As mentioned before Wood Pellets take up far less storage than any other bedding as one bag expands to 6x its own size.

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How to make up a bed-

For a 12 x 12 stable you will need 6 – 12 bags of wood pellets to make a full bed for a horse.


Get how every may bags you wish to use and cut a cross in them.

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Pour one whole bucket of water in one bag. The repeat for each other bag you use. Do not worry if the water comes out of the bag if it has whole in it or you miss a bit. When the pellets expand some will fall out and this will soak up the excess water. If it hasn’t all been soaked up it soon will when you turn over the bags.

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Leave the bags for around 15min to fully soak up the water. The bags will make lots of noise while they are expanding. You will notice pellets moving around and they will grow up and out of the bag. I actually love this part i love watching it all grow.


Flip the bags over and pull out all bedding. Make the bed how you wish.


Let your horse or other animal enjoy the amazing fluffy bed.

Side note-

If you have a wet horse and need extra absorbent bedding. Pour a bag or two of full pellets under the bedding before you scatter around the fluffy bedding. This will soak up a-lot of the wet your horse makes.

Here is a picture of a bed i made recently the horse could not wait to enjoy her bedding. She rushed in before i could take a picture of the nicely made bed.

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Happy horsing around

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